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Yantai Shanke Automatic Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. (originally called Yantai Circle Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd.) owns two major core technologies, etc. machine vision inspection and automatic control. The company is specialized in automatic control, R&D and application of advanced technologies like stamping and development of hi-tech products of the aluminum bottle cap packaging industry, capable of supply of advanced industry testing technique solutions and equipment to enterprises in such industries as foods, drinks, electronic semiconductors, medicines, etc. The company has not only experienced experts of image processing and optical application study, but also many engineers and R&D members with rich practical industry application experience. All these make sure of the most professional and excellent products and technical service to our customers. The full set of computer-controlled software, hardware and mechanical parts of the electromechanical control system and the digital automatically controlled feeding machine, the automatic equipment, are our excellent mature products designed on our own by the company’s R&D team based on decades of designing and developing experience, to which we own the intellectual property to.

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This machine is a special CNC feeder for the punch and is a typical mechatronics one. It is installed in front of the punch bench and is works in a linkage relation with the punch to realize the replacement of manual feeding with numerical control automatic feeding. It adapts the 2385-7PC numerical control system and Chinese keyboard, and its programming operation is easy and convenient. Both AS servo driving system of famous brand, domestic or oversea, and domestic stepping motor driving system are optional. Sophisticated ball screw and LM-OP guide and feeder frame are of casting, running steadily, highly sophisticated and well reliable. With this machine the large sheet has the priority in the stock layout and continuous stamping. Both single-head and multi-head stamping die are suitable. This machine is widely used in sheet materials blanking processing and thin sheet blanking stretching compound stamping processing, especially in stamping production of bottle caps for wines, drinks, drugs, canned foods, etc. Compared with manual fed strip materials stamping, this machine provides better product quality, saves more materials (more than 10%), and is safer (almost avoiding punch work accidents) and more efficient (single punch 35000 - 40000 pieces per work shift, double punch 60000 - 90000 pieces per work shift). At present all well-known bottle cape factories, including Shandong Lipeng, Hicap, Qilin Packaging, are all using this machine. The DW-7 Series 3 Coordinate Automatic Positioning System is an automatic set of detection equipment specially developed in 2008 to match the punch automatic feeding, which is mainly used in printing sheets automatic alignment and positioning. Its detection accuracy is high with tolerance not more than±0.05mm), and is improved by one order of magnitude compared with the current manual method. The use of computer automatic identification technology replacing the manual operation greatly reduces the labor intensity and increases the production efficiency. This machine is an upgraded product to improve the product precision and the factory processing leveling the bottle cap industry. It is also a key project in realizing the automatic production line of the bottle cap industry. In 2009 SIPO sent the notice confirming that Yantai Shanke Automatic Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. was awarded the patent for invention of accurate detection&positioning platform and its usage. Yantai Shanke has officially launched numerical control punch automatic feeding equipment to match the patented technology, which is being promoted in large scale in our country.